31 May 2013

Butterfly-Wing nail art tutorial

Hey all,

Today I thought I would do another tutorial. This time I went for the fairly popular Buttery wing nail art design. I remember doing this as part of the Summer Challenge last year and I really liked the end result (I wish my nails were still that long)

Start off with a basecoat to prevent staining (especially if you are using red or blue nail polish) Then add on your colour of choice. I went for a base of Catrice Plum Play with me ...

...then I topped it off with Catrice Dirty Berry. This really made the holographic bits in Dirty Berry pop.

Then I drew a half-circle on the left hand side of my nail. You can choose either side, it makes no difference at all.

Leaving a gap I drew on 3 little lines with a space between each. These will act as the base of the design.

Using the three little lines I painted on three rectangular boxes. I did it fairly roughly as you can clean them up later on.

I filled in the outside of the boxes in black and added some random white dots on the edges.

After a bit of cleaning up I added on a topcoat and there you have it! The butterfly wing design is one of my favourites. You only need three colours and it is so eye-catching. It does not matter if they are not identical. Not all butterfly wings look the same!

If ye have any requests for tutorials then leave me a comment and I'll give them a go.


29 May 2013

Running in circles

Hey all,

Another recent purchase: China Glaze Running in circles from the 2012 Cirque Du soleil collection. There was so much hype around this polish a couple of months back, it was in my timeline almost everyday. I am a huge green nail polish fan but the price always stopped me from buying it. Thankfully it popped up in the Beauty Emporium sale so I finally got it.

Running in circles is an emerald green with green flecks mixed through it. It has a lovely glittery look to it. Very difficult to show its true colour and finish. It reminds me of China Glaze Riveting. Both are very pretty. Formula was pretty normal. You'll only need 2-3 coats and it dries quickly. I have on a topcoat to give it some extra shine.

I'm not overly fond of the long thin brush China Glaze have in their polishes. I'd sooner they used the same as Catrice  (the last batch not the new wonky one) Overall I like it but i don't think it deserves all the hype it's been getting. It didn't blow me away when I first put it on. It'll definitely get a lot of wear but mostly as a background for nail art.

Oh and if you managed to get this on your skin it was an absolute nightmare to get off. Removal from the nail was not that bad at all but it stuck like glue to the skin around my nails.


27 May 2013

I'm with the lifeguard

Hey all,

Since we've been getting a decent amount of sun here over the past few days I thought it was time to get some neon polish out before it's too late. The lovely Sharon from Behind Green Eyes sent China Glaze I'm with the lifeguard to me a while back (she's amazing) It's from the 2012 Summer neons collection. I have two polishes from this collection and they are both amazing.

I have on three coats and a topcoat. The formula on I'm with the lifeguard was pretty good. Three coats evened it all out nicely. It dries with a bit of gloss but I think a topcoat adds a nicer gloss to it and shows off the shimmer. It dries fairly quick too so no waiting around. It was a bitch to clean up though. The shimmery particles stuck to my skin and it took ages to get it off with a cotton bud and some remover.

 It looks lovely on the nail and it doesn't make your hands look sickly pale. It's beautiful and unique.


23 May 2013

Raspberry Rose

Hey all,

The Nivea lip butters were all the rage a couple of months back. I was unable to find them here but Nivea have great customer service and they kindly popped one out to me in the post. I was given the Rasperry Rosé Lip butter and it left me wanting more!

It smells like raspberries and it glides on so smoothly. It leaves my lips nice and smooth. The smell fades after a few minutes.  Each tin contains 16.7g or 19ml of product. It's not something I would bring around in my bag as I'd be afraid the lid would pop off. I really want to smell the caramel cream and vanilla & macadamia butters.


22 May 2013

Plum's the word

Hey all,

Do you know when you are so inundated with work, time is running out to get it prepared and you know the person is so knowledgeable on the topic you are presenting that they will be so critical if you get even the tiniest bit wrong so you can't afford to waste time on anything else? Well that was my predicament  To make matters worse I had naked nails and I felt so self-conscious of it and it made me panic even more about the work I was doing. I had to paint my nails but I didn't want something eye-catching (in case there was a problem and they thought I had wasted all of my time doing these bright obnoxious nails instead of focusing on the work at hand) I grabbed sally Hansen Plums's the word and threw on 2 quick coats and away I went.

The formula was a tiny bit thick but it was very easy to work with and opaque in 2 coats. Plum's the word dries quickly and has a fairly glossy finish on its own. It's the only real Plum polish colour I own. Catrice Plum Play with me is more of a pure purple jellyish polish while Plum's the word has a more dusty look to it and is a pain creme. It's definitely not something I would normally pick out to wear. I know a lot of people would associate it as more of an older person polish colour. I like it, it made me feel confident that I looked a bit more respectable going in.  I love the wide brush included in the Sally Hansen complete salon manicure polishes. I have 3 of them and I find it reduces the amount of time it take to paint my nails and I get a nice even layer on each nail.

I'm not 100% sure if this is available over here. It's not listed on the Boots website. I know they cost around €8.95.


21 May 2013

It's Showtime!

Hey all,

Dublin is generally the place to go for events and shows and one of the latest to start up is the Womans World show going on from May 31st 12pm-8pm, June 1st and June 2nd both from 10am-6pm in the RDS Simmonscourt, Dublin.

"What you can expect...
Fashion, Food, Beauty, & Health
Health Checks
Women's Health Forum
15 fantastic LIVE Budgetair.ie Catwalk Shows
Chef Stages
Make-up and Beauty advice
Lots of Exclusive Show Offers for the Girls
Sample some of your favourite brands e.g. Ribena Plus Style Bar
Competitions to WIN fantastic prizes
Completely FREE registration for yourself and a friend"

The tickets are free if you register online now. I believe  they will cost €12 at the door. On the website there will be a list of all the exhibitors and a floor plan so ye can find the booths ye want as straight off the bat. There is something for everyone and definitely deserves a visit. Give them a follow on twitter if ye want updates on the go. I know there is an Irish Blogger meet up on June 1st so I'm sure a few of the Irish Ladies will be interested in this.


20 May 2013

Plum play with me

Hey all,

Just a quick post today. I find purple polish incredibly hard to capture and Catrice Plum Play with me was no different. I have on 3 coats here. It has a fairly sheer/jellyish formula so I could see some bald spots in certain lights. It was very easy to apply though with very little clean up.  I bought this months ago after seeing some gorgeous swatches but it just looked awful on my longer nails. I thought I would try it again now and I actually quite like it. Even though Catrice only cost €2.79 for the older bottles, I still hate to buy a polish and end up not wearing it. So wasteful. This is a beautiful purple and makes a gorgeous base for nail art.


17 May 2013

Pretty Puddles

Hey all,

My first almost completely successful stamping attempt! I know, I'm surprised I got this far too :P I went for a bit of an unusual combination today. I tend to stick to the same polishes when I stamp so I'm trying to see how other brands work out with my stamping kit.

I have on a base of Lac Attack Puddle Jumping (2 coats) from the Spring Fling collection. Absolutely love this grey, The blue flecks make it so unique. On top of that I have a design from the Born Pretty m64 stamping plate. I used Nails inc Atomic for the design. Definitely my favourite design from this plate and I really like the colour combination. It really stood out on the nail.

The best thing about having short nails is the fact the entire design of the stamp fits on the nail :P Longer nails drove me mental because it always cut off before it reached the top of the nail.

What do ye think?


15 May 2013

Sampar 3 day weekend moisturizer review

Hey all,

I am a big fan of the Nivea light moisturising cream for oily skin but it has stopped working for my skin lately and now I'm looking for a new moisturiser. A few weeks back I received the Sampar 3 day weekend moisturising gel.  It is the " first melanin producing moisturising gel that naturally brightens and gives a hint of tan 24/7". Now, it does not contain any tanning properties which is good. The idea is the gel boosts the natural synthesis of melanin already present in the skin which makes the skin glow. My skin does not tan at all so I honestly can't say whether or not it made a difference to my skin but everyone is different. The packaging is gorgeous. It looks like a higher end product. The pump is built in to the lid which is handy. There is no need for excess packaging like a lid. 

I love that it's a gel as it sinks in so quickly and it makes my skin feel nice and smooth. It has a very faint scent to it which I really like. It only stays around for 5 minutes tops so don't be put off if you are not a fan of scented products on your face. I'm not sure how well this would work on people with very dry skin. It does moisturize my skin but it's not incredibly moisturizing.

 A 50ml bottle costs €39.95 which is on the expensive side.  I'd recommened getting a sample sie if possible to try out if you are unsure. Sampar are cruelty-free. Sampar will be available in a few select Debenhams stores and in Arnotts.


**Product was provided for review**

14 May 2013

Swirly whirly

Hey all,

I get awful bored sitting at my desk so I tend to doodle on my nails. I still had the Barry M Nail art pens lying around so I drew a few swirly designs on and this is the result! Nothing fancy smancy at all. I thought the silver would look best over black and I was right. It looks a bit like wallpaper but I still like it :P

 I have on 2 coats of Essence Black is Back. I ran over the design with the Silver nail art pen once or twice just to make the lines more opaque.  I topped it off with a coat of Essence gel look topcoat.


13 May 2013

Argentina and The Netherlands nail art

Hey all,

I entered The New Black competition a while back to celebrate the marriage the inauguration of the new King and Queen of The Netherlands. I didn't win but I was really proud of my design so I said feck it I'll post it here anyway :)

You had to incorporate the two flags (The Netherlands and Argentina) into one manicure. I went for a simple strip design overlaying the Argentinian flag over the Netherlands on a neutral base of Essence Nude it. The red is Nail the bytch Lick or itch bytch, Deep blue is Essence Grumpy, Pink is Sally hansen Back to the Fuschia and the light blue is  Barry M Blueberry icecream. The same colours were then sponged on to my ring finger.

For the thumb I drew on  the national flower of the Netherlands (Tulip-bottom right) and Argentina (Ceibo-Top left) I added in the Vines,NYC High line green, to join the two flowers together (symbolizing the joining of the King and Queen) This is also on a base of Barry M Blueberry Ice cream.


12 May 2013

Oil not be buying this again

Hey all,

I ran out of my Pixy Sensual Bath oil a couple of weeks back. I loved it so much I had to buy another one. This time I went for the Citrus bath oil as I adore citrus scents (especially lime). Again it arrived in a glass bottle which looks lovely sitting on the shelf. I keep all of these bottle and re-use them so they definitely come in handy.

The oil itself was a bit disappointing. The scent was not as strong as I would have liked. A few minutes after putting it in the bath I could not smell it at all. I mainly buy them for the smell so that was a let down. I wouldn't buy this particular one again which is a shame because I had high hopes after trying the Sensual oil.

I have yet to try the Magnolia and Jasmine bath oil and  the Relaxing bath oil. I would definitely recommend the Sensual bath oil but the Citrus bath oil let me down. Each bottle costs €9.95 for 100ml.

Have ye any recommendations for a good lime/citrus scented bath product?


11 May 2013

Sinful Stamping

Hey all,

Keeping with the stamping theme I have another of the stamps from the Born Pretty Store m64 plate. I had a fair bit  of trouble with this design and I can't seem to get it to work for me at all. I'm sure it's just my own lack of skill in this area.

I have on two coats of Sinful Colors Happy Ending. For the design I used Catrice Raspberry fields forever. I love the green base but the raspberry was not the best colour on top. On its own it is a gorgeous raspberry red but that brightness didn't translate onto the nail which is a shame.

 Not really happy with the result :( I had high hopes for this one.


10 May 2013

**Giveaway** China Glaze and Emergency Stylfile

Hey all,

After a mix up with an order at the Beauty Emporium I ended up with 2 polishes that I didn't order. Stephanie was kind enough to give both China Glaze Calypso Blue and China Glaze For Audrey to me for a giveaway. A while back Emma from Beauty Matters also gave me the emergency stylfile to include in a giveaway so I thought I would combine the two for ye today. Both are Irish companies and definitely deserve a look. They both stock brands that are really hard to find in Ireland for a good price.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This is open to residents of Ireland only.  It will run until the 7th of June so ye have a good month to enter. If ye are under 18 then please get your parents permission before ye enter.  I hope ye like it!


09 May 2013

Purple Sparkles

Hey all,

Along with the stamp I received from Born Pretty store they also sent a set of 12 bar glitter colours. Each set costs $6.45. All of the colours are bright, almost neon in some cases. As you can see from the pictures they change colour depending on how the light hits them.

I used Ciate Purple Sherbert as a base colour (2 coats) and while the polish was still a bit wet I stuck it into the glitter. It's a great, cheap way of emulating the new "feather effect nail art" trend. They stay on fairly well but always throw on a topcoat just to make sure they last longer.

As always I have a coupon code below for an extra 10% off if ye want to pick up some supplies.


**Product was provided for review**

08 May 2013

Jigsaw Puzzle tutorial

Hey all,

I had this design all done and dusted when I thought a tutorial might come in handy so I took it all off and started again. As always it's a pretty easy design to  do and it looks pretty striking on the nail. I'm using the new Barry M Nail art pens for this but ye can use whatever ye have to hand.

You start off by drawing 3 boxes of 3 different colours. Any 3 will do and you can do them as big or as small as you want. It really depends on the size of your nail and how difficult you want to make it yourself.

You keep adding on the boxes until you reach the top of the nail. I stopped a bit too soon here but I rectify that later on. I'm adding on a french tip to frame the nail so there is no need to cover the entire nail.

Now onto the jigsaw design. I randomly drew on a few half circles. This is to replicate the little joints that join up the pieces keeping them secure. Don't worry if they aren't perfect as it can be cleaned up later on.

Then you simple outline each piece so the puzzle shapes become more obvious. You can use your pen to fill in the half circles to match the colour of the box they are joined to. I had a bit of trouble with my black pen so the lines are not as black as I would have liked but they look fine.

Then all you have to do is freehand the tip and clean up around the nail. Remember it doesn't have to perfect sure its a small enough design. You'll hardly notice any inconsistencies when you are out and about. I added on a coat of Essence Gel look topcoat to give a nice smooth finish.

And that is all there is to it! The pens make it fairly handy to touch up any mistakes you have as you go along. This is the design I mentioned in the Barry M bonanza post HERE when the black pen stopped working for me.  

Let me know if you plan on trying out this design and what colour combinations you would go with.



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