30 January 2014

Hask Keratin Protein review

Hey all,

A while back ye may remember I reviewed the Hask Argan oil Shampoo and Conditioner, well today I have the Hask Keratin protein Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner review.

It comes in the same packaging as the Argan oil version except it has a silver lid. The smell is pretty much like a generic shampoo you'd get in any shop. It's nice but not as distinctive as the argan oil version but it's still nice. The shampoo lathers up nicely and my hair definitely feels nice and clean afterwards. The same goes for the conditioner. My hair is soft and I don't have any problems with tangles or anything like that. It's not a drying hair product which is may be due to the absence of alcohol in the list of ingredients.

The only trouble I really had with this range was the way it affected my scalp after a couple of uses. I have a skin condition which means my scalp can get really inflamed, start bleeding and it is quite painful. Even tying my hair up or using clips leaves me in agony. For people who don't have this problem I would recommend trying out the Hask Range of Shampoo and conditioners. They are affordable (you can get them in Pennys) and it's free from parabens, sulphates and alcohol to name but a few. Another important thing to mention is the fact that they are cruelty-free which I find is not all that common with haircare products. Unfortunately due to the effect is had on my scalp I am sticking to my Mane n Tail 2 in 1 Anti-Dandruff shampoo and conditioner for now.


**Product was provided for review**


  1. Yikes sorry to hear it aggravated your scalp.

  2. Oh no, pity it didn't work with your scalp. I buy a bottle of the Argan and a bottle of the Keratin shampoo every couple of weeks.

    1. I love the smell of the argan one. Have you tried their hair oils? They are seriously amazing.


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