29 January 2014

Such a Pinple gradient

Hey all,

(Pinple- Pink purple mix. Yeh I struggled with the title)

This is the second of the Born Pretty Store plates I was sent and probably one of my favourites. If I had this at Christmas I doubt I would have bothered doing any of the nail art I ended up doing. I love these Christmas jumper style stamps but some of them cost a fortune, a bit silly when I'd only end up using it a couple of time a year (if that). Both of the stamps I used for this manicure come from the QA57 plate.

I started off with 2 coats of Sally Hansen Mauve along on my pinky and index fingers. For my middle and ring finger I went for Catrice Genius in a bottle, also 2 coats. For the reindeer stamp I used Mauve along. On the other nails I used both Barry M Retro polishes in Pink and purple. I love the gradient effect you get from mixing 2 polishes.

I have to say I couldn't get the snowflake stamps from this plate to work at all for me. They always looked messy or they didn't stamp properly which was a shame. At least the Christmassy ones worked (that's the only reason I really wanted this plate in fairness :P ) The plate costs $1.49 but they have a 15% code going on at the moment (type in BPS2014) so you can get thema fair bit cheaper if ye are wanting to pick them up.


** Product was provided for review**


  1. Replies
    1. It's so nice, I'm glad the whole print actually comes out on the nail.

  2. hehe Pinple...I like that! This mani looks great!

  3. Ooh, gradient stamping is such a neat idea!

    1. I can't remember where I came across it first but I love it! It can be a pain in the arse if the colours don't work and you have to start again but otherwise I'm loving it!


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