06 January 2014

Top polishes of 2013

Hey all,

I did the same kind of post last year and I could not believe how much my nail polish taste has changed over the year. Looking back on that post I can honestly say I didn't bother with half of those polishes this year. I favoured creme polishes with glitter and shimmer coming in second. I wore far more bright colours and my nails were longer. A lot has changed! I found this awful hard to put together I have to say. 2013 was not a great year for nail polish in my opinion. This is why the majority of my favourites are from previous years.  These are not really in any order, I just added them in as I went along.

10) Catrice Have an ice day

 Have an ice day is a clear base with small holograhic glitters. Great coverage in one coat and the clear base means it looks great over any nail polish. Pictured over Lac Attack Spring Fling

A Neon pink with pink shimmer. Great formula, easy to apply. A very wearable neon . The shimmer makes it stand out from other neon polishes.

2 polishes from Lac Attacks Spring Fling collection. Spring Fling- Bright blue with neon green glitter. Loved wearing this. One of the most unique polishes I own.

Puddle Jumping a light grey creme with tiny indigo and blue flakes and a gorgeous purple/ blue hidden shimmer. My favourite grey polish. Wore this a fair lot during the year.

I struggled to find another nail polish to add when I came across my bottle of Insta-dri. I love this topcoat so much more than previous ones I have tried. It definitely deserves a mention. I use it quite a lot and it just made doing my nails so much easier. 

Crappy picture but the shimmer in this blew me away. One of the few red nail polishes and OPI polishes I would buy the full size of without a doubt.

Emerald green glitter is not something I thought would call out to me but this is stunning. I love wearing it as a manicure but it is far better as a pedicure. Pictures do not do it any justice, you really need to try it to see it properly.

Love this polish! It is just the perfect blue. It applies beautifully and I love the way it looks on my nails. I can see myself finishing this bottle fairly quickly.

I always go to this when I have somewhere important to be. I don't know why but this is just my go-to for certain occasions. Great formula and it lasts fairly well.

A surprise favourite for me. I'm not a lover of purple nail polish so I was surprised at how much I wanted this nail polish. I really enjoy wearing it and have done quite a few times.

By far one of my most worn polishes. I had to stop myself putting this on all the time in case I got sick of it. Love the colour, the formula and the lasting power. Seriously one of the best nail polishes I have.

I'm sure there are a few more polishes I have forgotten to include but these stood out to me when I was going through my swatches.

Let me know yer favourite polish of 2013 below. It's so interesting to see how people differ when it comes to favourites. I read through a load of blogs listing their favourites this week and I didn't agree with them on any of the polishes! It's mental.



  1. I love all blue polishes that you showed, but my favourite is Puddle Jumping, gorgeous! :-)

  2. Love every single one of these!

  3. That Sinful Colors one is lovely! I must check out more of their range, I have a few that were sent to me from America but there's a big enough stand in Boots around here

    1. It's such a great polish, they have a tonne of dupes for higher end polishes too with better formulas than the original (like Essie Fiji)

  4. I love your top polishes from 2013! It's funny how our tastes change! I think mine differ from 2012 too! I can't wait to see what it will be like at the end of this year!

    1. I know it's going to be so interesting! That's one of the reasons I like to do this post. I'd have forgotten nearly all of them by now :P


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