20 February 2014

Best Of Beauty "Make-up must haves"

Hey all,

For the months of February and March I will be taking part in a "Best of" series organised by Samantha from All the Buzz. There will only be 4 of these posts each month but they are a bit different than what I would normally do so I thought I would give it a go!

One of my must-haves is obviously going to be a good topcoat. So far I have tried a fair few but they all had major flaws I couldn't really get over. One of the best ones I have come across so far would have to be the Sally Hansen Insta-dri anti0chip topcoat. I love how quick it sets, it leaves a gorgeous glossy shine, it's fairly affordable and it's easy to get a hold of. The only downside is you have to leave your nail art to dry full before using this or it will drag. Not a huge deal but still it's something to note if you are on the hunt for a new topcoat.


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