10 February 2014

GOSH Silver

Hey all,

I found this a good while back in a sale basket. It only cost €1 and I really like silver nail polish, especially for nail art. This is a lovely light silver, opaque in 2 coats. Gosh normally cost around €8 a bottle which is fairly expensive. Opi cost the same amount (depending on where you get them) and I think they are far better quality.

The brush is fairly thin but it doesn't affect the application too much. Lasting time is pretty decent . I get a couple of days out of this without any chips but I use a topcoat with it just to be on the safe side.

I am tempted to get the new OPI Push and Shove polish but I've seen so many conflicting reviews on it that I'm not too sure it's worth bothering with yet. I do like silver polish though so I may end up getting it.



  1. What a great deal! This silver looks awesome :D

    1. It's great, it doesn't really need a topcoat either x

  2. Such a shine to this polish, it really looks so pretty! I can definitely see this as being one of those polishes you stare at as you pretend to listen to someone talk about politics.

    1. I was pretty pleased that it actually came out so glossy on its own. Hides any mistakes you might make with application.


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