14 February 2014

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs lotion and spray comparison and review

Hey all,

One of the most talked about tanning products has to be the Sally Hansen Airbrush legs. I'm not really a self-tanner but even I know which ones are duds and which are must haves. This has been in the beauty world for a fair while now but I had yet to try it until I was sent out a sample there last week. I was sent the original spray formula and the new Sally Hansen Air brush legs lotion. I have both in the shade medium but they are available in light, medium, tan and deep.

First off I applied a layer of the lotion to my left leg. Seeing as this is leg makeup and not a full on tan you don't have to worry about getting the special mitts to ensure your tan applies evenly. Just rub it in with your hands and you are good to go. This comes off easily with soap and water. As ye can see it does give you a nice even tanned look. I think medium is perfect for me. It's not too light and it's not too dark. It looks like a natural tan. 

For my right leg I shook the can before spraying it into my hand and applying. Some people spray it straight on but I followed the instructions seeing as it's my first go at using it. I loved the way this turned out. In the pictures you  can barely tell that I used two different products but in person the right leg looks better, like it had a bit of a glow to it. I left both legs to dry for about a minute and I didn't have any of it transfer onto my clothes which was a relief (although if ye do get fake tan on your clothes the pink Vanish spray is amazing and it will get the stain out)

Lastly with flash. You can almost see the difference. Again it's really not all that much so if you prefer using a lotion as opposed to the spray, you're not losing out.  You can use these allover and they wash off in a few seconds using soap and water. It's streak free and it is user-friendly so regardless of how inexperienced you are, you will get this spot on every time.

Now to the not-so great points. Application was spot on perfect until I got down to my ankles and feet. Neither product really went on all that smoothly and I would definitely recommend exfoliating those areas before applying Airbrush legs if you have dry skin. Also the little red bumps that I have from shaving were still visible. This is going to happen with fake tan anyway but seeing as this is leg makeup I thought it would be different.Finally I have a few big pure white scars on my knees and they cannot be covered by the lotion or the spray version which is a shame. The red bump issue can be resolved though so it's not a huge deal. In fairness the fact that it didn't cover my scars doesn't bother me, it's just worth a mention.

The Sally Hansen Airbrush legs spray costs €13.95 for 75ml and the lotion costs €16.95 for 118ml. You can find them in most grocery stores and selected pharmacies nationwide.

**Products were provided for review**


  1. Good to know that medium is a good natural look shade. I am also very pale and wouldn't know which to buy.

    1. I know, to be honest I was worried when I saw it was medium but it's not as dark as you would think. I think it's a good step up from pale skin without going over the top.


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