24 February 2014

Sexy and I know it

Hey all,

An oldie for today's post. This is Catrice Rusty but Sexy. This is from the older Catrice line with the thin brushes. The formula is quite thin and watery so application isn't amazing but it's not god awful either. I have on 2 coats and it looks grand. I did just cut all of my nails really short though so I don't have any white tips on my nails. I'm sure it would have needed an extra coat if they were a bit longer.

This is a lovely rusty/burnt orange shimmer. I loved this when I first got it, then I fell out of love with it and now I'm liking it again. It's definitely not one of my all time favourite's and the formula annoys the life out of me but it's a nice looking polish. I don't have a topcoat on and you can see it has a fair bit of shine itself. I'm thinking this would be better suited to Summer wear so the shimmer really shines through like it does in the pictures. All in all though I like the way it looks on my nails.I haven't gotten a new Catrice polish in ages so I have no idea what the formula is like now. I haven't been wowed by their colour selection in quite a while although I am looking up swatches for their textured polishes at the moment. Hopefully they'll churn out some good'uns soon.


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