15 February 2014

The Book Look- Triptych by Karin Slaughter

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Following the discovery of a woman's badly beaten body outside of her apartment the hunt is on to find the killer before he strikes again. Detective Michael Ormewood is on the case and is soon joined by Special Agent Will Trent from the Special criminal apprehension team, much to the disgust of Ormewood. As more evidence is uncovered and more bodies show up, they need to find out who the killer is and fast. Drugs, vice and an ex-con newly released from prison play a role in the murders but you soon realise what you think is happening and what is actually going on are two different things.

Triptych got me from the very first page and it did not let go until I reached the end. All of the characters have their own problems. Slowly as the novel progresses we learn more and more about them. It's not a story full of unicorns, princes and princesses. This is a tough, hard hitting story and it is told in a style that is harsh and gritty.  Swearing, violence, rape, torture, kidnapping,mutilation and much more feature heavily in this story. There are some pretty heavy scenes in this which can be fairly unsettling.

Slaughter is an excellent writer. She writes in a way that leads you to think you have the whole thing sorted out and you feel like a genius. When you reach that point she throws in a curve-ball and you are completely thrown off track again.  It's a great read, very easy to follow and you will be on the edge of your seat the whole time. You feel every single emotion known to man going through the story. As first you are rooting for one side and then as the story goes on you completely switch over. Looking back I couldn't believe how easy it was to fall for it!

One part that I thought was such a great addition (very unique too) was the inclusion of a newspaper cutting at the beginning of some of the chapters. Starting with Ormewood, you then see the story through the eyes of Will Trent and ex-con Johnathon Shelley. You pick up certain bits of information in each encounter that will help to further unravel the mysteries surrounding the murders. There are twists and turns riddled throughout and although some are expected (from information gleaned from the other characters) others will knock you for six. A few times I caught myself covering my mouth in shock (and then cursing myself for being such an eejit)

Overall this is a wonderful start to the Will Trent Series by Slaughter. I unknowingly read the 5th or 6th book in this series (that's how I came across Slaughter in the first place) and I can honestly say they keep getting better as the series goes on. It can be quite harsh at times but the story is so well written and put together, you'll be left in suspense until the very end.

I got my version of Triptych from The Book Depository HERE

For the nail art I just went with the same colour scheme that features on the book. I believe this is the US version of Triptych. I preferred this cover over the one we have in shops here. The base is Sally Hansen Complete Salon manicure in Right Said Fred. I have on 2 coats. The yellow is NYC Lexington yellow. For the fingerprints I used Essence Black is back and a dotting tool. Very straightforward!

It's such a bright design even with the black dots. It ended up dragging a tiny bit when I added on a topcoat but that's because I was rushing and didn't have time to let it fully dry before finishing it off.

Have any of ye read any of Karin Slaughter's work before? There is another series called The Grant county series. I think I might start on that after finishing the Will Trent series. She is becoming one of my favourite authors for sure.


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