28 February 2014

The Olive Branch review

Hey all,

I heard that using olive oil based products was a great way to help ease the pain that comes with having a sensitive scalp. When I came across Lush's The Olive Branch Shower gel I saw that you could use it in your hair and I thought I'd give it a go and see how it would fair out.

The smell is grand. It's not amazing but it's not overpowering and it doesn't stay in my hair so I'm not bothered by it. It has an ok lather but my hair feels perfectly clean after. The little bottle lasted a good while and it didn't irritate my scalp at all which was great. It's one of the few hair products I would buy in the biggest bottle I could find.

As a shower gel it's not all that much cop though. I don't see any reason to buy this one specifically. It doesn't lather well enough so I end up using far more than I would compared to a normal shower gel. It's also extremely watery so it's very hard to use it in the shower without spilling half of it.

Overall I love this as a hair product as it didn't cause any flair ups but it's a no-go when it comes to using it as a shower gel. Another thing, LUSH currently have only the one shop in Dublin so it's not readily available if you aren't based in or around the Dublin City. You can order online but shipping costs are way over the top. I added one face mask to my cart and I was charged 8 pounds for shipping alone! After converting that to euros I quickly cancelled that order. It works out fairly dear to get even one or two products that way so wouldn't recommend it. It's a nice hair product if you suffer from sensitive scalp but I suppose I'll have to go after something else until LUSH open up more stores in Ireland.


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