06 March 2014

Best Of Beauty 'Princess Product'

Hey all,

Basically today's prompt was to pick one of your favourite high end products. I don't really buy high end skincare products or nail polishes. For one replacing a high end skincare product would be so costly in the long run that I'd end up using it so sparingly I probably wouldn't see any benefit from it at all.  Nail polishes always seem to have cheaper dupes so there is no need to fork out for one. The only high end product I do see the need to splurge on is perfume.

Although I do believe that you don't always get what you pay for and some high end perfumes don't last an hour and need to be applied so many times that you fly through the bottle, most are definitely worth the higher price. Basically you are paying for a name rather than a quality product .From all the ones I have I would say Lancome last the longest and have the best range of scents. The one thing I don't seem to have from them is a good day scent. All of the ones I own or have owned in the past are more suited to special occasion use or for the evening wear.

My absolute favourite from Lancome and the one that really caught me from the start was Hypnose. I remember smelling it on a girl in a shop and I asked her what it was and I never ask people what they are wearing, I feel so awkward. I went straight to boots afterwards to smell it again and bought a bottle  in Debenhams not long after. It's the kind of perfume you smell and know it was from a high end brand. It is so beautiful. It's a soft scent, not overpowering at all. It is quite pricey though, around €77 in both Both and Debenhams for a 75ml bottle. I tend to keep this for special occasions so when I smell it I'm reminded of them. If I wear the same perfume day to day I tend to get sick of it and I really don't want the same thing to happen with Hypnose!


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