07 March 2014

Dove Go Fresh Cucumber and Green Tea scent anti-perspirant deodorant

Hey all,

A new review for ye today. I picked up the Dove Go Fresh Cucumber and Green Tea scent anti-perspirant deodorant about 2 weeks ago when it was on offer. I normally stick to Nivea but the shop didn't have the one I liked in stock so I threw this in the basket instead. I had the spray version of this years ago and I absolutely loved the smell of it.

This is a terrible deodorant. It didn't do anything except smell nice for a couple of hours. I didn't use this whilst working out but I'm sure it wouldn't have done much seeing as it couldn't even handle a bit of sweeping and some typing during the day! It didn't last 5 hours never mind 48. If they made this into a body spray then I would definitely buy that. The smell is gorgeous, really fresh and perfect for the summer. As a deodorant though this is a complete waste of money. I expected better from Dove to be honest. Despite being a 50ml bottle (the standard amount) it didn't last 2 weeks. I ended up having to buy a bottle of Nivea deodorant from another shop to replace it.  Very disappointed with this and I would not recommend it.


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