24 March 2014

Essence Blue Addicted

Hey all,

One of the polishes I bought at the very start and rarely use is Essence Blue Addicted. It was so hyped up and I had seen some beautiful swatches but on my nails I hated it. It did absolutely nothing for me. For one you have to layer it because it is fecking sheer and half the time you don't see the glitter in it so it looked like a plain old polish.

I have to say I like it a little better on super short nails. It doesn't make me want to wear it a whole lot more but I like it. I have on a coat of Stargazer 105 and 2 coats of Essence Blue Addicted.  It dries fairly quickly and the glitter can be a bit awkward to place but otherwise it was a pretty decent polish. When it runs out (which is bound to happen seeing as it's only a 5ml bottle) I don't think I would buy a similar polish again. It was worth a try at least and it was cheap, around €1.29.


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