08 March 2014

The Book Look- The Black Box by Michael Connelly

Hey all,

I finished this book a good 2 weeks ago but I have struggled trying to write up a review. The Black box is begins in 1992 during the riots in Los Angeles. A young white reporter is shot dead in a predominantly black suburb. This case strikes a cord with Detective Harry Bosch but given the dangerous surroundings and the rising death tally they have no more than half an hour to work in the scene before moving on to the next location. Fast forward to 2012 and the upcoming 20 year anniversary of the riots and Bosch attempts to finally get to the bottom of this case. Faced with very little evidence, no leads and a proposed backlash for focusing on a white womans death as opposed to one of the many unsolved deaths from the black community Bosch knows he has to find a lead and fast.

I was thoroughly disappointed by this book. It was incredibly slow and the story only started to pick up towards the very end. The conclusion was ok, it was nothing spectacular. It was a bland story without any real attempt to make you connect with the characters. It didn't get me thinking about what was coming next and how the characters were related to the story, if they were at all. The interactions with Harry's daughter and girlfriend were too brief and uninformative to really help the story progress in any way. The open end in regards to Detective Nancy Mendenhall was a bit annoying as I have no real desire to get more from this series so I have no idea why she ended up where she did (a bit cryptic there but I don't want to ruin the story if ye want to read it yerselves) It has a lot of politics in it which kills the story even more. It's a long enough book too (403 pages) It was a huge let down.

I expected far more from a Connelly novel having read "Void Moon" a few years ago and absolutely loving it. It was one of my favourite books and the reason why I bought this in the first place. I had been keen to pick up a few more from this series but I honestly don't think I will. It's too slow paced for my liking. The reasons behind the murder and the circumstances surrounding it were not believable at all. Overall I would not recommend it. It was an honest to god struggle to get to the end of this book. I couldn't even find a favourite quote from this book.

For the nail art I went pretty basic. I used Essence Black is black on all my nails abar the ring finger. This is a great black polish, 2 coats and it looks perfect. For my accent nail I tried out the negative space nail art trend that's going around. I have to admit I don't like the overall effect of it at all. Not one I'll be doing too often. The camera is done using acrylic paint and I tried to keep it as close as possible to the one shown on the book cover.

That's pretty much it for this week! I am on a terrible run with books at the moment. Not one has really stood out to me for the past 3 weeks. I'm trying to find some new authors seeing as the ones I like have either stopped writing or have only recently released a book. So far it's been a complete washout.


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