26 March 2014

Zoya Paz

Hey all,

I'm starting to get into brighter colours again. I really wanted to wear an orange polish and for some reason Zoya Paz stood out to me. If you remember I did not get on with this polish the first time around. I had longer nails then and the sheerness bugged me to no end. I love the colour and the intensity of this polish though (it's a shame they cost so much over here)

Here I have on 3 coat of Paz. It covered my nail fully thankfully (I really hate Visible nail line) It dried fairly quickly, I did give it a bit of time in-between just incase.  I love the way it looks on my nails now. It's so bright! Orange is one of my favourite colours but I find it awful hard to get the right orange nail polish shade for me. I wish it was more opaque but it's a great neon.


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