30 April 2014

Barry m Textured polka dots

Hey all,

I just took this manicure off so I thought I would pop it up here while it's still fresh in my head. I really like textured polishes but I haven't worn them for a while. I think you have to be in the humour of wearing them. They chip a fair bit faster compared to regular polish as you don't use a topcoat. I only have the Barry M textured polishes and one from Zoya but I love the look of the OPI textured polishes. The only downside of them is the cost.

For this manicure I started off with 2 coats of Barry m Station Road (yellow). This is a nice polish, I love yellow and I think this one suits me. It does drag a bit and I needed 3 coats on my non-swatch hand which was a bit annoying :/ Once that had fully dried I added on Barry m Ridley road (mint) using a medium sized dotting tool. I like the colour combination but it was quite subtle in real life. You couldn't really see the polka dots from afar.

What do ye think? Let me know if ye have any good textured polish recommendations! I'd appreciate it :)  I really like the grittiness although I tend to stroke my nails a lot which looks fierce odd.


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