24 April 2014

OPI I just can't cope-acabana

Hey all,

Today I have a bit of a disappointing  hugely disappointing polish to show ye. This is OPI I just can't cope-acabana from the recent OPI Brazil Collection. I wasn't really in to this collection but I heard such amazing reviews on I just can't cope-acabana that I had to get it. I love yellow polish  but we all know it has the worst formula in the world. It seems like every brand fails when it comes to yellow polish and do you know what? OPI is no exeption to this despite all the positive reviews for this polish.

Here I have on 4 coats of I just can't cope-acabana with an accent nail of Kiss me I'm Brazillian, 3 coats, also from the brazil collection. The formula on this is just like every other yellow polish I have tried- thin, watery, sheer and difficult to work with. It dragged a lot and it had bald spots even at 3 coats. I really don't know how people are getting this opaque in 2 coats, especially on longer nails. I had to cut my nails to the absolute shortest I could get them in order to get this polish to look ok at 4 coats. That's ridiculous! I am so let down by this polish. It's a nice yellow, it's not overly bright and it has a hint of pastel to it, but it's not anything spectacular that I would regular reach for and go through the pain of applying 4 coats for. I'm rarely so disappointed by a polish because I always check reviews before buying one. Sometimes you get caught no matter what you do. It really puts a damper on the excitement of getting a new polish.


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  1. Sad to hear that! Now I'm glad I didn't buy it, although it looked tempting in the bottle. Both colors look good on you, but shame you had to cut your nails.


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