28 April 2014

Sinful Colors Orange Cream

Hey all,

Sinful colors are becoming pretty popular in the blogging world, probably due to their price (around €2-3) and their quality. The brand is easy to come across especially in Ireland thanks to Boots taking them on board. I think they make some of the best dupes and given the price they are also the most affordable.  The only downside is the fact that the company test their products on animals so I cannot buy from them but I have been lucky enough to receive some as gifts in the past.

Orange Cream is one I've had for a while but I haven't worn at all. It's a pinky orange with a lovely  subtle shimmer. I believe this came out in the 2013 Spring Collection alongside one of my all time favourite polishes, Sinful Colors Sugar Rush.

The reason I haven't worn this is all down to the formula. Orange cream needed 4 coats on my super short nails. It was streaky, sheer and it dragged leaving bald spots if you didn't take it handy with the application. Even with 4 coats it looked a bit sheer in certain lighting. It's a shame because the colour is absolutely beautiful and perfect for the Spring summer months.  Even though it's a cheap polish I wouldn't recommend getting this unless you cannot live without this colour. If you have long nails then I wish ye the best of luck when you are applying it!


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