21 May 2014

China Glaze Exceptionally gifted with F4 Bubble Yum

Hey all,

China Glaze Exceptionally gifted is a beautiful light pink shade but it has a frost finish which I really do not like. The only way I can really make it work is to add a glitter on top and hope for the best. Exceptionally Gifted has a pretty sheer / watery formula so it's a bit hard to use. It can flood around your cuticles if you go in too heavy handed. It's also pretty streaky which is common with frost finishes but the glitter hides a lot of that.

I have on 3 coats of Exceptionally gifted with 1 coat of F4 Bubble yum on top. Bubble yum is a mix of pink and white hex glitters and I think it really suits Exceptionally gifted. I'd sooner find a way to make a polish I don't particularly get on with work for me than throw it out and buy something else. I change my mind about polish colours all the time so something I may hate now could become one of my go-to polishes in a couple of weeks. 


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