15 May 2014

Curtain nail art

Hey all,

These are the nails I did for a guest post a few weeks ago. I thought I'd post them here in case any of ye missed them. I was obsessed with practicing gradients for a while and this is one of the manicures that turned out well! Now I'm not really sure what to call this design (hence the really dodgy post title) Some people call them chevrons but I thought that was a completely different design! I call it curtain nail art but is there another name for it?  I'm flummoxed by it to be honest.

I have on 3 coats of Catrice Salmon and Garfunkel. I striped off the nail and added on two coats of Barry M Greenberry. Once that was dry I added on Lac Attack Spring Fling using a sponge. The neon green glitter in Spring Fling is my favourite, it's so unique! I love that polish. Greenberry can be hard to work with as it's a bit thick so it takes longer to dry if you go too heavy handed with it. I really like the colour combination though and it's one I would definitely do again although I might change the base polish to something else. I not exactly sure what I would replace it with yet :P


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