02 May 2014

Hask Macadamia oil hot oil hair treatment review

Hey all,

Another one of the products I recieved from Hask last year was the Hask Macadamia oil Hot oil treatment.  This is supposed to revitalize, heal and rebuild your hair. What's unusual about this is the fact you have to heat the little tube in hot water for about a minute before you use it. The macadamia range from Hask is my absolute favourite. It works well with my hair and it smells amazing, kind of like vanilla.  It is suitable for all hair types but I'm not sure about coloured hair.

I got about 4-5 good uses from this 30ml bottle. It made my hair so soft and incredibly shiny. I really noticed the difference in my ends the next day. They looked healthier and they felt great too.  I love that the seal on the bottle is actually a stopper that you use when you open the tube. It makes it a bit easier to store and you don't have to worry about it spilling everywhere. It's not an airtight seal though so you do have to keep it upright after opening it.

This is a lovely treatment and I really enjoyed using it. I would definitely buy another one of these again. It's cheap but it works! I think they cost less than €3 in pennys so you can't really go wrong.


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