30 May 2014

Sally Hansen Cuticle Rehab cuticle oil review!

Hey all,

I've been trialing the new Sally Hansen Cuticle Rehab cuticle oil for the past couple of weeks. The is a new release from the brand that is supposed to bring your cuticles back to cull strength. What's interesting about this product is that it has a little brush at the top instead of a nib. It claims to help restore severely dry, ragged cuticles thanks to the inclusion of vitamin E, jasmine and rose extracts.

This is a good on the go cuticle oil. It has an almost instant effect when brushed on to dry cuticles and it smells like watermelon which is lovely. You do have to be diligent and apply it at least once or twice a day in order for it to have any effect. Ideally apply it each time you wash your hands to really get the full benefit. 

I liked this cuticle oil but I don't love it. That's not to say it's a bad product, my cuticles are in good shape after using it. I'm not fond of the brush although I do see why it would appeal to people. I found it awful hard to get the product to actually come out on to the brush and I worried if I squeezed it too hard the brush would pop off. My brush had frayed slightly but that's to be expected with a significant amount of use. I think this will be perfect as a top up during the day. I like to pile on the cuticle cream when my nails are in need of some treatment and that's not really possible with this.

My advice, if you are looking for an on-the-go cuticle oil then this is a great find. It's a good €5 cheaper than the OPI Avoplex Cuticle oil and you get more product for your money. The Sally Hansen Cuticle Rehab cuticle oil costs €9.95 for 8.8ml.

**Product was provided for review**

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