08 May 2014

Sally Hansen Nail rehab review

Hey all,

I was recently sent the new Sally Hansen Nail Rehab nail strengthener. Although I don't suffer with damaged or super weak nails I do think it's a good idea to use something like this as my base coat given the amount of times I change my nail polish each week or even each day if I am swatching polishes. This is a sheer pink treatment but the colour doesn't really translate onto the nail. Even with 3 coats it just made my nails nice and shiny. It claims to instantly fill in ridges and conceal damage. 

I put on one coat as a base and then  my normal nail polish on top. Nail rehab dries quickly and it gives you a nice, smooth base for your nail polish. I love the bottle, I think it's the same one they use for their lustre shine polishes (I wish these were around because Lava is gorgeous!)

It has a short stumpy brush which I haven't come across before. The formula is a bit thicker than the other treatments from Sally Hansen but it means you can get your whole hand done with one dip into the bottle. I can't comment on whether this helps or hinders when it comes to your nail polish chipping as I use good strong brands and the Sally Hansen Insta-dri topcoat (which is the bees knees). It works well with my nails and it stops deeper polishes (like Teals, greens and blues) from staining your nails which is a huge plus!  

A 10ml bottle of Sally Hansen Nail Rehab costs €10.95 from selected pharmacies, grocery and department stores nationwide.


**Product was provided for review**

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