12 May 2014

Smitten Polish Fire and Blood

Hey all,

I swatched Smitten Polish Fire and Blood way back in 2012 and I haven't actually worn it since. This has nothing to do with the polish, I'm just not a big red nail polish wearer. After reading A Game of Thrones recently (nail art and book review coming Friday) I decided to give this a whirl again.  Fire and Blood is a red jelly with red, gold and orange hex glitter with a hint of small holographic glitters. It's one of the nicest reds I own but it really needs to be layered over a red base. It saves time and polish :P I'm sure you could wear this on it's own but I don't like my glitter polishes to be too crowded unless they are all the same size like China Glaze Glitter all the way or Electrify. 

Here I have 2 coats of Fire and Blood over 1 coat of Sally Hansen's Right Said Fred. I topped it off with a coat of Hard Candy Matte-ly in love. I really don't think you get the full effect of glitter polishes with a glossy topcoat. Matte is best in my opinion. Even though the glitters did end up bunching together on a couple of nails you can't see it from afar so it looks pretty much perfect in person. I really need to wear this more often, it's so pretty! I had forgotten all about the little holographic bits in this polish and they really make a difference.


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