16 May 2014

The Book Look- A Game of Thrones by George R.R Martin nail art and Book review!

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The Stark family is split when Lord Eddard Stark is bestowed with the office of the Hand by King Robert. Despite assurances that the family will once again reunite, they slowly drift apart and each faces a battle to return home to their loved ones. The Stark family are not the only ones who face times of great difficulty as we also meet a host of other characters in Martins first book in the Game of Thrones series.

I am a firm believer that a good book can never be too long. There are some novels I wish were everlasting and I would happily sit through every single page. I have to say A Game of Thrones is not one of those books. From the very beginning I found it hard to get into the story. I never got a right feeling for the characters and when they started dying off I wasn't really bothered. It wasn't that the book was dragged out at all, some parts were tedious but for the most part it was fine. There was only one part in the entire book where I felt for character and I was eager to read on. That lasted for a couple of pages and then I was over it. Martin's style just isn't my cup of tea. There is not one character in the book that I found likeable which isn't good considering we are given 9 viewpoints within the first novel alone.  

I ended up putting this down a few times and I really had to push myself to finish it. I have the other books in this series but in all honesty I'll have to be in an awful desperate state to read a book before I pick them up. I have little interest in their lives and in the stories that are going on within the kingdoms. There is a lot of violence, death, rape, sexual abuse, incest... pretty much everything you could think of. Now I'm not someone that is easily bothered by this kind of thing. You'll know that from my Karin Slaughter reviews, but a lot of the time it was unnecessary in A Game of Thrones. The way Martin portrayed women in this book actually made me quite uncomfortable at times. Again let me be clear, I don't get riled up when women are presented a certain way in books. It really depends on the story at hand. I felt that Martin went completely out of his way to include certain scenes or scenarios showing the women as the weaker characters. It bugged me throughout the entire book. The feeling of relief when I came to the last page made me forgive the lackluster ending. Unlike other series' which put an end to a certain chapter in the characters life but not to their overall story (like Harry Potter), this just fizzled out! I was left sitting there thinking " Are you fecking serious!" 

Overall I'd give it 3 out of 5 , it's grand but it's not something I would want to read again or follow up on.  The end of the book was supposed to make you excited to get your hands on the next but honestlu I could care less.It can get very technical when it comes to the kingdoms and the family histories which at times I wish I would have skipped over them. They really did not help the story in my eyes. I think there is a fine line between giving the reader the right amount of detail to help them understand the character and their history and being overkill about it. I don't think Martin can even see that line he's gone so far past it. He just drove on and on and on about the smallest things and it really had an impact on the atmosphere of the book. Basically this was a huge let down for me. 

For my nails I went for the logo found on the back of the first book, focusing on the design of the letter "O". I was going to do the  dragon on the cover but I really don't think this book deserves to get that level of nail art done for it :P I started with a coat of white nail polish. Then using a sponge I dabbed China Glaze Kalahari kiss over the entire nail to give it that stippled effect. For the accent nail I used black acrylic paint.

Let me know your thoughts on A Game of Thrones? Loved it or Loathed it?


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