24 May 2014

The Goodreads Tag

Hey all,

I was nominated to do this tag by the lovely Chloe from Nurse Fancy Pants. I think from all the Irish bloggers I know only myself, Sharon (Behind Green eyes blog), Breige (Rare Opal Blog) and Chloe are obsessed with reading and goodreads. I read their blogposts the second they come up and I love getting book recommendations from them both from from their blogs and their goodreads pages. Here are the questions for the Goodreads tag.....


What was the last book you marked as read?
The last book I marked as read was "The tales of Beedle the Bard" by J.K Rowling. I am working on a Book look review for this so I won't go into to much detail but I really like it! I picked this up after Breige mentioned it on Goodreads a while ago. I am a huge Harry Potter fan and I own almost every authorized book that has been written about the books and the films (I'm missing 2 I think) 

The Tales of Beedle the Bard
What are you currently reading?
At the moment I am reading "Truckers" by Sir Terry Pratchett. I adore Pratchett but I have to say I wasn't really pulled into this one. I'm almost done with it but I just can't seem to make myself pick it up and finish it. It's a grand book but it's not as good or as witty as I would have expected. 

Truckers: The First Book of the Nomes

What was the last book you marked as to-read?
"Tom's midnight garden" by Philippa Pearce. I read it about 10-11 years ago and it popped into my head again recently. I haven't gotten hold of a copy yet but I really want to re-read it and see if I like it as much now as I think I did back then. I wish I could remember all the books I read when I was younger (if only goodreads was available back then!) It'd be so interesting to see how your tastes change over the years. What might have been amazing to you then might seem pretty lackluster now. I hope that's not the case with this book!

Tom's Midnight Garden
What do you plan to read next?
I'm honestly at a loss at the moment. I don't have any books to hand that are calling my name. I'm browsing the Book Depository at the moment and they have some pretty good deals so I might have to buy a few books to keep me in action. I might finish off the follow up books to Trucker, Diggers and wings, just to finish off the series. I have a couple of books ordered but they'll take at least a week to get here. 

Wings: The Third Book of the NomesDiggers: The Second Book of the Nomes

Do you use the star rating system?
I do indeed. I wish it allowed you to use half-stars though that's a huge gripe I have with the system. I know a lot of people would prefer marking the books out of ten but I think 5 stars allows me to be a bit more brutal about it. I think I'd be a lot more forgiving with marks out of ten and I'll never know how much I really liked a book. I am very picky about giving 5 stars and there are only a handful of books I can think of that deserve 1 or 0 stars they were so bad. 

Are you doing a 2014 reading challenge?
Yes! I did the 2013 version too and I really struggled to find books at the end. I barely completed the 100 book goal. I'm hoping to finish it in time this year. I've aimed for 100 books again. I hate the way the challenge times how long it takes you to read a book and then informs you how far behind you are. I've finished 22 books so far and I have 3 more to hand that I will finish this month. I've fallen out of love with reading lately but I am determined to get back into the swing of things. 

Do you have a wishlist?
Several actually! I have a Book Depository wishlist which I love. It emails me when the price of the books I want is lowered or back in stock. I really love the system they have. I also use my Goodreads "to-read" section as a wishlist which is handy but I tend to forget what I've put on it so I keep having to read back over it. My latest addition is my notebook (I thought the title was fitting as a book wishlist) It's big enough so I'll have it for a good few years. It's handy to have it close so if I see a book in town or even on the internet I can check it out without having to sign in to goodreads/book depository and search through a heap of pages to find the one book. 

What book do you plan to buy next?
I have a few that I'm going to buy soon.I'm thinking of getting "Stardust" by Neil Gaiman first. I haven't read anything else by him since the Graveyard book review and I loved the film based on the book. I might include "Tom's midnight garden" by Philippa Pearce, "Fallen" and "Broken" by Karin Slaughter and "In the company of ogres" by A. Lee Martinez in the same order. I have my eye on a few biographies too from Lee Evans, Dog the Bounty hunter (I know but I really want to read about his gang/ prison life!) 

Who are your favourite authors?

 I am very picky with Authors so I only have a handful of favourites. The top 5 are Sir Terry Pratchett, J.K Rowling (Robert Galbraith), Karin Slaughter, Dan Brown and Cecelia Ahern. If any of them release a book I will buy it no questions asked. I love their writing stlye and I have not read one book from any of them that I absolutely hated. 

Have you joined any groups?

No, I like to read at my own pace. Plus if i don't want to read a book and I have no interest in it I really don't see the point of buying it! I've read some so-called "classics" and hated them.  I'd sooner spend money on books I actually want to read and more often than not I end up really liking them.

That's the end! I really like this tag. I love reading other peoples answers and seeing how much or how little we have in common.  


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