05 June 2014

Born Pretty Store 7 sided nail file and swatch wheels review

Hey all,

I have a joint review for ye today. Neither of these items really warrant a full post on their own so I'm putting them together to cut down on time. These are my Born Pretty Store reviews for the month of May. I featured the other item in my recent twinsie Tuesday post here if ye want to check that out. 

First up I have the 7 sided nail file. I had originally asked for the straight version of this but I was sent this curved version instead. I find straight nail files to be far easier to use so that was disappointing. The 7 sides of the file are  1) Coarse grit to shape nail 2) Medium grit to shape nail 3)Fine grit to neaten edges 4) Even out 5) Smooth nail 6)Buff nail 7) Shine nail. 

The coarse section wore away incredibly quickly. I used it once to sort out my nails on both hands and that was the end of it. The medium grit and fine grit are useable but that are wearing away pretty quickly too. Overall it's an ok nail file. It's not one you could use for regular upkeep but it would be fine to keep in your bag for touch ups on the go if you snagged or broke your nail. A single file costs $1.53.

The nail wheels can be used for practicing nail art but I decided to use them as swatch wheels. It's an easier way of keeping track of the polishes I own and I can compare them fairly easily. This is a pack of ten and I would need a couple more to finish off the random polishes from my collection. They work perfectly and help me to pick out a nail polish colour I want far quicker than if I were to pick one based on the way it looked in the bottle. It took a while to fill them up though! I prefer clear ones like these for swatching, I think they are more accurate colour wise than the white nail wheels you can get. They cost $6.15 for a pack of ten. 

**Products were provided for review**

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