19 June 2014

Cloud10 Beauty online shop review!

Hey all,

I've been meaning to do this review for a while now. A while ago I ordered from the Online retailer "Cloud10 Beauty". They are an Irish based company that stocks  a whole variety of make-up, skincare and most importantly, nail polish. One of the great things I noticed about the site is the fact that they get the latest OPI collections in stock more often than not.

I decided to order 2 of the nail polishes from the Brazil collection that I had my eye on for a while and it gave me the opportunity to try out Cloud 10 beauty and compare it to other online shops I've used before.  The only downside to my order ended up being the polishes themselves as they had terribly disappointing formulas! Obviously that's more to do with OPI than it is Cloud 10 beauty :P

The nail polishes arrived in a sturdy cardboard box, well wrapped in both bubble wrap and paper. I was delighted with this as we all know the post office isn't exactly gentle with the parcels. I ordered at around 3.30- 4.00pm and the parcel arrived the next day! Incredibly fast shipping. Normally I end up waiting at least 3-4 days before I get the package so I was delighted with this. The team are lovely and reply to messages both through email and on twitter very quickly. Their customer service is incredible which makes a huge difference when ordering online.  They often have deals and discounts on most of their products and you get free shipping when you spend over €15 and you get to chose a free little sample to go with your order. For my first time dealing with them I'm very pleased with the service I was given. I would really recommend having a browse through their site as they ship worldwide. I always like to support and Irish Company if I can and I have to say Cloud 10 Beauty is one of the most efficient company I have come across recently. 


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