18 June 2014

Full moon.....half-moon....total eclipse

Hey all,

I have to say I'm doing pretty well with the whole "wearing old polishes that I don't often pick out" trend I'm on lately. The  latest polish I picked out was Nails inc Bluebell. I put on 2 coats of  Bluebell before I went to bed one night. This is a lovely cornflower blue with a great formula. It's a plain creme polish which I like and it dries pretty quickly. The main bugbear I have with the polish is the fact that it chips after a few hours even with a really good non-chip topcoat on top. It's infuriating! For such an expensive brand you'd expect to get a least a couple of days wear out of the polish before it started chipping. To get a few more days wear out of it I decided to do a half-moon manicure.

On top of the 2 coats of Nails Inc Bluebell and the 1 coat of topcoat I added on 2 coats of Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Blue Streak. I used some of those hole punch reinforcement stickers that I ordered from the Born Pretty store. They worked pretty well but you don't get much in a packet so I'd spend my money elsewhere and get a bigger packet in the future.

Even on short nails I think they turned out pretty well! I will say that I used the same reinforcements on my watermelon nails and they pulled the polish completely off of my nail which was really annoying. I had to start those nails again which was not a fun process after getting so far ahead with them. I'm not sure if the topcoat stopped the polish from pealing off but I thought it was worth a mention. I really like half-moon manicures, I never thought they would suit my nails now that they are shorter but they really do!


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