27 June 2014

The Book Look-The Irish Scissor Sisters by Mick McCaffrey book review and nail art!

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Today's Book review is on "The Irish Scissor Sisters" by Mick McCaffrey. It is 304 pages long. Based on the true story of sisters Charlotte and Linda Mulhall and the murder of Farah Swaleh Noor in 2000 in Dublin.

Very few people in Ireland could have gone through life without at least some basic knowledge of the Irish Scissor Sisters. The murder was particularly gruesome and even more so that the murderers were two young women, one of whom was a mother of 4. 
The book tells the story of the  women and their family life as well as the murder, how it was carried out and how they managed to keep it a secret for so long. 

I've had this book for a couple of years now and I finally got around to reading it a week or two ago. I wasn't particularly interested in the case when it emerged but a book's a book! The author tends to repeat the same information a lot to the point where it began to really get on my nerves. I felt the book as a whole was badly written with pieces thrown in wherever there was a gap. McCaffrey goes off on a tangent and although he has a lot of information on that particular story it has absolutely nothing to do with the one he is actually writing about. 
Another thing I noticed was the amount of times he contradicts himself when referring to Linda and Charlotte but especially Kathleen, the mother of the two women. 

One thing that I feel is particularly unforgivable when you are trying to write a book based on facts is including hearsay from neighbors AFTER the murder has taken place. We all know how much people exaggerate tales when the newspapers come out and they get a bit of money from telling "their side" of the story. The fact that they were able to trust a compulsive liar (Charlotte) goes to show just how reliable their information really is. 
McCaffrey used certain expressions and comments that would lead you to believe that Kathleen and Farah were just an ordinary couple who were tragically broken apart by the murder. This is done after he had compiled a detailed list of their histories listing their violent tendencies and criminal behaviour. At times the language used is almost forcing you to think a certain character was good or bad. Books like this should provide unbiased information allowing the reader to make up their own mind as to what the people were like. This is evdent when you look at the pictures. Farah is pictured smiling and laughing while the women are moody and only pictured during the court case. 

I felt like John Mulhall, Linda and charlotte's father and Kathleen's ex husband, was badly represented in the book. McCaffrey seems to blame him for the way the women acted saying he was a loving father but did a bad job of raising his kids. He never once mentions the role of Kathleen in their upbringing. Statements like this cannot be made and portrayed as fact, especially when you are only giving one half of the story. Throughout the book McCaffrey also speculates what the women were thinking, thus putting words into their mouths. He mentions "fate" as being a good reason for someones death and frequently calls the women prostitutes as if that is a good way to describe their character. True, they were know for working in that field but you cannot use that as a means of describing them. 

Overall I would give The Irish Scissor Sisters by Mick McCaffrey 2 out of 5. I wouldn't see myself picking up another of his books again. I felt that the information given was biased and he clearly had his own thoughts and feelings concerning the people involved which definitely interfered with his judgement. It was poorly put together and the a lot of the information given was either excessively repeated or completely irreverent to the story at hand.

I kept the nail art pretty basic on this one. The book wound me up so much I couldn't be bothered doing a really detailed design. I went with the colour scheme taken from the cover of the book. I started off with 2 coats of a white nail polish. Once that was dry I divided the nail with striping tape and painted one half with Essence Black is Back and the other with Catrice Caught on the red carpet.

The red is a lot deeper in person. It's a blood red and it's very pretty! I topped it off with a clear topcoat. I love this style of manicure on short nails. I think it adds some length to them and it's really fun to mix and match colours. I'll be the first to admit I'm not great at pairing colours but sure it's something to work on at least :P


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