20 June 2014

The Book Look- Undone by Karin Slaughter (Will trent series #3) nail art and Book review!

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This weeks Book Look is  another one from Karin Slaughter's Will Trent series. This is number 3 in the series and I believe there are 9 in total. This is a long one at 558 pages. I bought my copy from The Book Depository.

 Dr Sara Linton is recovering from a traumatic loss when she is thrown head first into a police investigation concerning the torture of a young woman. Here she meets Special agent Will Trent and his partner Faith Mitchell. Although they each have their own problems to ideal with, they pull together in the hopes of stopping the madman from reaching his next victim.

Karin Slaughter is one of my favourite authors so I had high hopes for Undone. I found it to be a very slow paced novel. There is a long prologue, longer than I thought was necessary if I'm honest. The story itself is interesting but I wasn't gripped by it. I couldn't relate to any of the characters (aside from the main ones: Trent, Mitchell and Linton). I think Slaughter made the characters deliberately unlikable so I found it hard to feel anything for them despite the horrific circumstances they found themselves in. It made little difference to me if they lived or died which is not the way you want to feel when reading a novel. You want to be torn between reading a few pages ahead to see what happens and holding off and seeing how the story progresses naturally.

I found it hard to believe the identity of the killer and the circumstances that surrounded their unveiling. It did make sense and it was well thought out but their entrance into the story was far too easy. The end of Undone was lacklustre at best. You could almost say word for word what was going to happen before it did. I did enjoy getting to know Sara Linton a bit better as I believe she plays a pretty big part later on in the series. I was happy to see Faith and Will working together a but better but Faith came across as a bit stupid at times which is surprising given her occupation! She is supposed to be one of the best cops but she makes a lot of rookie mistakes in Undone which kind of put me off of her at times. As with the other books from the Will Trent series, Undone frequently features scenes of torture.

Overall I would give it 4 out of 5. I enjoyed the story a lot despite some of its flaws. I really enjoy the Will Trent series. I like his character a lot and his relationships with the other main characters are constantly evolving and you learn so much more about them as you read along. If you liked the previous books in the Will Trent series then you will enjoy it. Even if you haven't read them and you like Detective Thrillers I'd say give it a go! 

I based my nails on the design from the Spine of the book. The same colours are pretty much used on the entire cover but I think the spine is the most striking part. I always like to get the nicer looking book covers when I buy a book. The international books tend to differ from the UK and the US releases.

 I started off with 3 coats of Essence You belong to me. When that was dry I striped off the top of the nail and added on Essence Black is back. On the tip of the nails I sponged on Essence Rich and pretty. Finally I freehand the fence with plain black acrylic paint. The fence was the hardest part! I could not keep my hand still enough to get a nice neat line. Thankfully the fence on the cover is fairly old and rickety looking so it looks close enough :P

 I really enjoy doing these Book Look manicures. It's unbelievable how inspiring book covers can be and they make some really unique nail art designs! Obviously some are more suitable to everyday wear than others but it means you have a fun story behind each of your manicures.


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