03 June 2014

Twinsie Tuesday- Favourite Indie Brand (Lac Attack!)

Hey all,

Today's theme is Your Favourite Indie brand. I've only had a handful of experience with Indie polishes so far. The one that came to mind when I saw the prompt for this weeks post was Lac Attack! I've tried a few polishes from this brand and I was thoroughly impressed by them.

Anastasia was the genius behind the Magical Musings collection which was based on Harry Potter and it was a huge hit in the blogging world. It's one of the very few collections that I have on my wishlist (I am a massive Harry Potter fan in case ye didn't know. Just check out my pinterest page :P ) I wish she made a Severus Snape inspired polish. Maybe that will be in a future collection ;)

I wasn't sure what design to do for today but thankfully I managed to get something together at the last minute.  I have on 2 coats of OPI Kiss me I'm Brazillian. It needed a 3rd but I didn't bother seeing as most of it was covered up by glitter. Then I added on a coat of Lac Attack Cherry Blossom Bloom (I should have done this last but dumb dumb here didn't think about it until afterwards) I halved the nail and put on 2 coats of Lac Attack Spring Fling. Finally I topped it off with 2 coats of Hard Candy Matte-ly in love topcoat.

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