21 July 2014

A Summer Rainbow

 Hey all,

I have been meaning to try this design for ever and a day. I'm not sure what made me do it this time as opposed to all the other times but sure it's done now! 

I started off with3 coats of OPI I just can't cope-acabana. I was wearing this as a manicure so I just kept it on for this design seeing as I was going to use yellow anyway. Then I added on two bits of striping tape to each nail and painted on Catrice Meet me at coral island. When that was done I peeled off the tape and repeated the same process with Barry M blueberry Ice-Cream, Barry M Berry Ice-Cream, Barry M Mint, Barry M Peach Melba and Sinful Colors Sugar Rush.

It's not a hard design at all to do but it is really time-consuming. I think the end result is worth it though and it's a design you won't get bored off in a hurry so you'd get a week of wear out of it no bother. I love the way it looks, it's so eye-catching and fun! They kind of look like nail wraps (although those are a lot quicker to do!) I'm sure you could speed up the process by forgoing the striping tape and freehanding it but I like the lines to be crisp and I think it would have ended up really thick on the nail if I had used that method.


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