25 July 2014

Dream dots for spots review

Hey all,

A week or two ago I was sent out a box of the new Dream Dots for Spots to try out. Basically they are little round plasters that you stick on overnight to heal any spots you have. I was led to believe that the Dream dots would calm, clear and heal spots overnight after one use. That isn't really the case at all. I tried it a few times just to make sure I gave it a good go before doing the review and the results were disappointing for me. 

The first time I tried the Dream Dots I followed the instructions to a T. I cleansed my face, applied the dot as directed and left it on overnight. In  the morning the spot had actually gotten worse and was just as sore as it was the night before. This may have been that the length of time I had left it on was not enough although it was overnight (a good 9-11 hours from the time I applied it to the time I peeled it off) The other times I tried them the same thing happened. It says not to use in conjunction with any other spot treatments which would be find if the Dream dot alone worked to clear your skin but in  my case I had to follow on with other treatments to help heal and clear my skin.

I made the mistake of trying to pull the dot off instead of peeling away the borders and it hurt like hell! Peal away the borders when you want to remove the dot or you will regret it. On the plus side, you really do not need to worry about these pealing off during the night. Once you stick them on they are there until you decide otherwise. 
Another positive feature is that when you apply the dot, any redness you may have around the spot is practically invisible. I wore these during the day and you could barely tell that I had them on. On the leaflet inside the box they say the dot will turn white during the night as it works on the skin but not one of the dots I used changed colout which was a bit odd. 

Overall these didn't work for me. This may be down to my skin not agreeing with the products but I didn't notice enough of a difference after using them to really warrant buying them in the future. Something that really bothers me is the lack of listed ingredients on the box! Is it basically just a plaster with fancier packaging or what? I have checked out their website but again I can't find anything on it about the ingredients except that they are cruelty-free. They say they work overnight but you'll need to keep repeating the process over 3-4 days  to completely clear your skin. At that rate you probably won't  feel the box going and it would end up pretty pricey to keep replacing them when they run out (of course that depends on how often your skin breaks out). 

Dream Dots for Spots cost €14.95 for a pack of 24 dots. Shipping is Free worldwide when you order from their site.

**Product was provided for review**

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