09 July 2014

Missled mistake

Hey all,

This was a fairly simple mani in the beginning and then slowly over time it just escalated into a glittery concoction. None of it was planned (in fairness that's pretty much how 99% of my manicures are) I just went with it and ended up with this. It looks fairly basic right? See that yellow polish (which isn't as vibrant in person just FYI, the camera just made it pop for some reason) , it looks nice right? 7 coats of polish that took and it's still not opaque in person! Honest to god my hand was exhausted just trying to get that on. Thankfully it was cheap (came free with a magazine) but that shouldn't mean they can scrimp on the formula and make it crap and basically unusable on its own. It's called Misguided Missled I believe. It's grand as a shimmery topper over a different yellow polish but on it's own it's hopeless. 

 Thankfully the rest of the manicure was fairly straight forward. I have on 3 coats of Ciate Purple Sherbert (love this!) followed by 1 coat of Revlon girly. I think you can build up girly to be opaque on its own but it's far easier to just layer it. Plus is can look really chunky when the glitters build up. One coat is the perfect amount of coverage with this polish in my opinion. 
As with most glitter manicures I do, I added on a matte topcoat over Revlon Girly. I used a clear topcoat on the yellow polish which helped to hide some of the bald spots and streaks.

Question: Do you own a polish that you would gladly sit through 5,6,7 coats just for the end result? Let me know! My limit is 4 (Sally Hansen Gilded lily and OPI Goldeneye) I don't wear it all that often because of that (and the fact is a


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