10 July 2014

Stargazer 103

Hey all,

This is one of the first polishes I ever got. I don't even know if they make this anymore but it's Stargazer 103 (numbered polishe names are awful hard to remember!) I used to love Stargazer polishes but I don't see them around anymore. I actually haven't seen one in a shop for about 5 years so I'm pretty sure they either left Ireland or only a handful of places get them in stock.
This isn't the greatest polish in the world (at the time I thought it was the bees knees though) and it has an awful strong smell due to the chemicals that most nail polish companies used back in the day. Some still use them which is worrying. Anything that smells that bad cannot be good for you!

I have on 3 coats. It's pretty streaky looking but it's a nice enough polish. I do prefer creme formulas though so it's not one that I'll get a whole lot of use out of anymore (but then again you never know what might change- in a years time I could love it again) I also have the green version of this which I'm pretty sure is the exact same formula wise.

 The funny thing is I used to think this was the most outrageously brash and OTT polish colour in the world! Thank god that's not the case anymore. I used to stick with more "normal" colours but I'd be lost without the really bright polishes that they make now. It's far more fun to branch out with unusual nail polish colours and finishes that you wouldn't normally go for. Sure 9 times out of 10 no-one notices your nails anyway (unless you are a polish addict. You tend to notice these things!)


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