04 July 2014

Storming the Aurora

Hey all,

I have finally set up an instagram page for Cuti-CLUE-les. I know it took me long enough! Follow for little sneak peaks of what I'll be posting on the blog.

I realised the last day that I hadn't worn Zoya Storm in a while after seeing someone do a blog post on it. Normally black polish can be awful dreary and hard to wear mainly due to the fact that I get bored with plain polish so quickly! Storm is one of those special polishes that will suit any skin-tone and allow you to wear black nails without getting odd looks and questions as to why you're wearing a dark colour during the summer.This is all down to the holographic glitters that are packed into this polish. In fairness it's pretty dreary outside at the moment so black polish is definitely justified!
I have on 2 easy coat of Zoya Storm. The formula is flawless!

I wanted to see how Zoya Storm would look as a gradient with another polish from the same collection. I settled on Zoya Aurora, basically the purple version of Storm. Unfortunately the purple kind of faded and the holographic glitters completely took over the gradient. I really wish more of the purple had shown through. Don't get me wrong it is super sparkly, especially if you are out in the sun, but if I wanted a black and silver holographic gradient I would have gone with Essence Hello holo instead. At least the purple shines through a little bit so it wasn't a huge disappointment. 


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