18 July 2014

The Body Shop's New Hand cream Collection

Hey all,

Along with the Body Shop Fijian Water Lotus set I was also sent 2 of the new mini 30 ml hand-creams they released. I have the Shea and Homeymania scents/formulas. I normally use the regular full size version of these hand creams but I hate the packaging. It's like foil so it ends up squirting out all the handcream whenever I take the lid off. Once you press down it, there is no way of getting the shape of the tube back to normal so it got pretty messy after a couple of uses.

Thankfully the mini versions are in plastic tubes so you can squeeze out the amount you need without any waste. If you end up with too much you can always suck it back in.

They smell amazing and the scent lingers for a little while after which is nice. It's not overpowering for me so it doesn't bother me at all. I like that they are 30ml bottles as you can bring them around with you and not have to worry about them taking up too much room in your bag or on your desk.
On my normal, dry hands these work well. The formula is nice, not too thick or thin. It sinks in quickly although they feel like they have product on them for about a minute or 2 after rubbing the cream in. After that they just feel soft and smooth with a lovely scent. 

As someone who uses hand sanatizers a fair bit, it's important to have a good handcream to help with the drying effect from the alcohol. You can pick one of the Body Shop's 30 ml handcreams for €5.95. There are 8 scents available (Honeymania, Shea, Pink Grapefruit, Coconut, Strawberry, Satsuma, Mango & Moringa)

**Product provided for review**

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