14 August 2014

Cobalt Blue Comparison

Hey all,

After getting NYC Expert last polish in Hudson Breeze I thought I would compare it to the other cobalt blue polishes I have in my collection and see how they differ from each other. On my index and ring finger I have on 2 coats of NYC Hudson Breeze. My middle finger is 2 coats of Sinful Colors Endless blue. My pinky finger is 2 coats of the discontinued Essence Grumpy from the Snow white collection.

As you can see Hudson Breeze is a more toned down shade. It's definitely not a dupe for either of the other polishes but it gives you a good idea as to the true brightness of the polish. Endless blue is definitely the more vibrant and the darkest of the 3. The formula is great on this one too although it smells awful. A well ventilated room is a must when using this polish. Essence grumpy is the hardest one to work with as the bottle is nearly empty. It usually needs 3 coats for full opacity.It's a touch lighter than Endless blue so although its no longer available, Endless Blue is a good choice if you are looking for a vibrant blue. If you prefer a more toned down but still bright  enough to be eye-catching then Hudson Breeze is a great pick.

All 3 polishes are budget-friendly so you really can't go wrong. I believe Sinful Colors cost around €2.49 in boots, NYC cost around €1.99 and Essence roughly the same as NYC although this particular shade is not available. 


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