15 August 2014

Dr Organic Manuka honey face scrub

Hey all,

I've finished up a good few of my go-t face products recently and to be fair I don't see a huge difference with most of them so I decided to try out some different brands. The first brand I came across that I thought would be worth a go is Dr Organic. Not only are they cruelty-free but they are really affordable. I don't see the point in spending a heap of money on a product that you can't afford to repurchase even if it does wonders for your skin. The Dr Organic range is often on sale in Holland and Barrett which is where I bought mine. 

They have a wide range of products and I found it a bit hard to pick one. In the end I went with the Manuka Honey face scrub for the deep cleansing, restoring and nourishing it claims to deliver. This scrub is heavy duty! It is packed with volcanic lava, corn cob powder and ground fruit seed to exfoliate the skin. I've found most face scrubs have are more cream than scrub but this is the total opposite. You don't want to be heavy handed with this, go gently in circular motions and wash off with warm water. My skin is left nice and soft after using this. I do get dry patches and sometimes if feels like my skin is clogged and this really helps to relieve that feeling. 

A little goes a long way with this scrub so I can see this bottle lasting a long time. I've already used it 6-7 times and you can barely tell from the bottle. It smells like honey but the scent doesn't linger on the skin after you wash it off. I don't like the smell but seeing as it washes away it's not a big deal. This would also be an amazing body scrub as the particles are so finely milled. It reminds me of the Cocoa Brown tough stuff scrub although it's thicker so you have greater control over it and it's not dripping all over the place.

A 125ml bottle of Dr Organic manuka honey face scrub costs €7.15 from Holland and Barrett 


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