29 August 2014

Essence Rosewood Sticks review

Hey all,

I don't come across cuticle care reviews all too often which is strange considering how important they are to look after when you spend so much time on you manicure. No matter how well you paint your nails, if you cuticles are looking ragged then the whole manicure will look off. I used to cut my cuticles but the started to look dried out and it was hard to get them right without your fingers ending up bloody or tender and red. 

So I started to just push my cuticles back and leave them like that. I have used a couple of different cuticle pushers, the most recent being a rubber tipped pusher. That works well but I find the rubber tip is a bit too flexible. I just recently started using  the Essence Rosewood sticks and they are a far better tool. I can push my cuticle back firmly and they end up looking far neater. 

Each stick is double ended. The slant end is used to gently push back the cuticle and the pointed end is for cleaning around your nail. You get 5 in a pack which costs around €2 (depending on where you get them). I like to have a few so I can keep one near me at all times. I can't tell ye how many times I've lost the other cuticle pusher I have and it always happens when I want to paint my nails so this pack of 5 will keep me going for a good while. 


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