18 August 2014

Meet me at Coral island

Hey all,

Catrice Meet me at coral island is an oldie. It doesn't have the best formula in the world but the colour is nice. It needs 3 coats as it is pretty thin. Dry time is grand but I tend to leave it a couple of minutes extra between coats just to be on the safe side. The colour is a touch more pink/darker in person. It has a nice shine to it but I always add on a topcoat just to smooth out any mistakes.

I was looking at the catrice stand recently and they seem to have gone head first into the darker more autumnal shades. They have a few bright polishes but not many. I did come across the most beautiful polish called Mermaiday Mayday. It's a holographic glitter set in a sheer blue base. It looked so pretty but it was the only one on the stand and I'm pretty sure it had been tested out a few times before I got there so I had to leave it behind. That the most annoying thing about Limited Edition collections. Usually they only have 1 or 2 bottles of each polish available so they get tossed around really quickly.


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