21 August 2014

St James

Hey all,

Just a quick swatch for today. This is Nails Inc St James. I got this free with a magazine last year I think? Maybe the year before? I honestly cannot remember. Nails inc are very pricey on their own and the quality isn't the best so when they come free with a magazine I generally get one. They general release pretty standard polishes but if you are looking to try the brand then I would say this is a great and more affordable way of doing it. 

This is 2 coats of St James. The  formula is pretty good. It's more of a cherry red than a true red but it's nice all the same. It dried quickly which is always a bonus. It's not one of my favourite red nail polishes (in fairness I'm not keen on red anyway but it's good to have) but it's a nice shade.


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