26 August 2014

Twinsie Tueday - Sideways French

Hey all,

If ye read my post last week you'll know this is my second attempt at a sideways french manicure. It's been a while since I used Essence hello holo so I picked that out. I wasn't sure what polish I should use as a base so I kept it neutral.  Given the fact I was using a holographic glitter I thought it might be a bit OTT if I went for a really bright base.

I have on 2 coats of Illamasqua Monogamous. I free-handed the sideways french using the regular brush that comes with the Essence Hello Holo polish. I added on a glossy topcoat. The rubber look that Illamasqua Monogamous looked a bit odd with this manicure so it was better to cover that up. 
This isn't a design I would do a lot. I'm not a fan of french manicures in general and a sideways french is pretty much the same idea. It was interesting to try it out a few times and get the hang of it at least.

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