12 August 2014

Twinsie Tuesday- Mr Mercedes

Hey all,

For this weeks theme the prompt is "Inspired by a book" so I get to combine Twinsie Tuesday and a Book Look all in one! So basically nail art and book review all mushed together in one post. This week I decided to go for Mr Mercedes by Stephen King. This book was a huge hit when it came out and it seemed to pop up everywhere I went. I haven't read anything by King before as his older stuff isn't my cup of tea. I do love a good thriller though and this is what Mr Mercedes is marketed as. A huge thanks to Breige for sending me a copy of this! 

Mr Mercedes, so called after driving a Mercedes into a line of people waiting for a jobs fair to open, is targeting former cop Bill Hodges. His aim is to push him further into the pit of depression that Hodges is buried under. In fact his contact only helps pull him from the depth's of despair. Hodges is retired and contemplating suicide when he gets the letter from the killer. Filled with determination to bring him to justice Hodges scrambles to catch the killer before he strikes again. He knows that if the Mercedes killer strikes again it will be even more devastating than his first killing spree.

Mr Mercedes was an unusual book. King tells you who the killer is from the start and I felt that took away from the tale. This was supposed to be a suspense filled action packed novel but I found it to be the complete opposite. It felt dragged out and I didn't enjoy reading it at all. I didn't connect with any of the characters and I felt nothing when they were in danger. A lot of the events that King had included with the aim of shocking the audience were incredibly predictable. In fact his description gives it away immediately so you know what will happen next. I never reveal spoilers so don't worry about that but if you read the book  the burger scene is a prime example of this. 

The ending of Mr Mercedes was an absolute cop out. I was almost disgusted by it to honest. It felt like he was leaving it open for a sequel but it was done in such a half-arsed way.Overall I would give Mr Mercedes  2 out of 5.  It's not a book I would recommend at all, especially not to someone looking for a thriller. 

For my nails I combined the two book covers that have been released for this novel. I have my copy on an e-reader so I don't have a picture of it to show you. I started off with 2 coats of GOSH Holographic. I love this polish and it made me think of a heavy rainfall and the way the light reflects off of it. Then I added on a reverse half-moon using Lac Attack Puddle Jumping (a very appropriate name I though!) and used GOSH Silver as the outline to make it look like an umbrella. For the accent nail I used Sinful Colors Why not and Barry m Blueberry ice cream. The red is Max Factor Red passion. 

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