05 September 2014

Dead Sea Natural Black mud mask soap review

Hey all,

I love a good mud mask but they can work out to be fairly expensive and the bottles don't tend to last long. I bought the Dead Sea natural black mud mask soap in Boots a couple of years ago and it left my skin feeling incredibly clean. It's supposed to remove dead skin cells and impurities. 

This is the second bar I've bought and although it's not my favourite face mask it is nice to use. It's more of a face wash rather than a face mask. It goes on clear and it does have that soap like feel to it but I'm ok with that as long as my face is clean and soft. I've noticed this works wonders on healing any scratches or cuts you might have. It leaves the skin in far better condition. I will be buying a different mud mask in the future to see if I like the genuine mud masks any better. For around €5 I think this is well worth a try though.  I have oily skin with some dry spots and it really helps improve its condition.


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