08 September 2014

New! Sally Hansen Miracle Gel swatch and wear test with 270 Street Flair

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Today I have a pretty exciting review for ye. The new Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polishes are coming to Ireland this month and I have 5 of them to show you all this week. I thought I would do a wear test first to see if they live up to the 14 day wear claim. Truthfully I don't think any polish will last 14 days on your nails and still look good. 

The first Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polish I put on was 270 Street Flair. This is a really pretty dusty mauve/ lilac creme. I have on 2 coats and I have to say the formula on this one is one of the best out of the 5 I have tried so far. It dries a bit darker on the nail compared to the bottle. It's really glossy on its own. In fact in the first 2 pictures here I don't have a topcoat on. This is my current pedicure polish and I love it. I would say you are better off applying these polishes using the 3 stroke method.If you keep dabbing and brushing more on it will end up looking streaky and messy. That's not the case with Street Flair but it definitely rings true with 2 or 3 of the other polishes I have tried. 

Not much to report on for Day one. I did scrape my index finger right after I put the polish on so I quickly filled it in with a dab of polish so that explains the slightly bumpy look on that nail. I put on a single coat of the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel topcoat as recommended. The topcoat isn't what I expected when it comes to a gel kit. It goes on fine but when it dries you can see the marks left by the brush. It's not noticeable at all unless you look at it up close but for a gel manicure I expected it to leave a perfectly smooth surface. It does shrink a little when you put it on and you can see the around the cuticles in particular. Dry time for the polish is great. I use thin coats and it's almost the same as a regular polish. I give the topcoat a couple of minutes extra to dry just to be on the safe side. 

Day 2 and the polish looks just as good as when I applied it. The shrinking hasn't gotten any worse but you can see a slight hint of tip wear on some of the nails. I am not gentle with my nails so I wasn't overly surprised by this. No chipping on either hand.

Day 3 and the tip wear is again showing on a few more nails but not enough to be noticed in person. The only damage going on here is around my cuticles! Despite a lot of rough work the surface of the nail has no sign of scratches of any indents which is pretty surprising! Even though the topcoat isn't super shiny it is hardy and has kept the manicure looking good.  

Day 4 and I am getting sick of the colour. It's been a while since I kept a polish on this long. You can see my nails are growing, as is the gap between my cuticles and the polish. The tip wear is pretty much the same as yesterday. The manicure still looks good.

Day 5 and the last day of my wear test. The tip wear is beoming a bit more apparent and the areas where the topcoat shrank away from the polish is more apparent. There is a slight chip on my index finger around the cuticle but it's not as noticeable in person as it is in the macro shot. The manicure is still in pretty good shape though. I could have gotten another days wear out of it but I needed to give my nails a break from nail polish over the weekend. My other hand was looking pretty much the same but with a tad more tip-wear showing through. 

Overall I am pretty pleased with the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel kit. The wear time is better than an average nail polish but I wouldn't go overboard with it and say you'll get 14 days wear out of it and your nails will still look good. They'll be pretty battered if you use your hands a lot. Although the topcoat isn't the most glossy, it is really durable and it kept my manicure looking good over the course of the week.  

The Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polishes and topcoat cost €9.99 each. You can pick up a duo pack for €14.99 which included one colour and one topcoat. There are 18 shades in this collection and they'll be available in Ireland around mid September. I have 4 more polishes to show you over the coming week. A quick heads up, not all of the formulas are as good as Street Flair.

**Product was provided for review**

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