18 September 2014

Rocking some bourbon

Hey all,

I wore Misa Bourbon on the rocks at the start of last week. It's one of the few polishes that I would wear non stop for a week or 2 without feeling the need to change it around. The only reason this didn't last a week is because walloped my finger off of a table or something and it chipped a bit at the top. I knew the chip would get worse if I left it (I would pick at it until it did!) so I changed them. I swear if I put on a polish I don't really like it won't chip at all (despite my best efforts) but when I really like something it'll crack and chip like there's no tomorrow. 

These swatches were actually taken last October which is hard to believe! I honestly thought they were from July. I don't know where the time goes. Either way it's just as pretty now as it was back in October. I have on 2 coats with a coat of the Sally Hansen inta-dri topcoat.


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