29 September 2014

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel vs Essence Gel nails at home kit- Comparison

Hey all,

I thought I would put together a quick comparison of the 2 recent gel manicure at home kits that I have tried out. The first kit I tried out was the Essence Gel nails at home kit. This is what you would call a "proper" gel kit as it comes with a UV light to cure the polish. It's a bit time consuming as you need to prime your nails,cleanse and cure both the special base and topcoat that you need for this kit. A good aspect of this kit is the fact that you can use any polish you want with it but you do have to let it dry on its own. I would say go for a 2 coat polish to save yourself some time.  This is a more expensive kit.

On the other hand the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel. You do not need any special equipment outside of the polish itself and the topcoat. Unlike the Essence kit you can use any basecoat that takes your fancy. It's fairly quick drying but not as glossy as the Essence kit unless you use 2 coats  of the topcoat. Sally Hansen have a large range of colours already out using the Miracle Gel formula. The polish is thin on your nails and lasts for a good 5 days with some tip-wear. The Essence kit ends up far thicker and it can look unsightly in my opinion. It does have the potential to last longer on the nail compared to the Miracle gels and it has a bit of a learning curve to get the perfect even manicure. 

Both have pro's and cons depending on your own tastes. They aren't the most expensive sets in the world but it's good to know which would suit your own lifestyles. 

If you have any more questions about either of these kits then let me know down below.

**Products were provided for review**

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