19 September 2014

The Book Look- Can't Stand up for sitting down by Jo Brand nail art and book review

Hey all,

Can't stand up for sitting down is the highly anticipated release from Jo Brand. This is the follow up to her memoir "Look back in hunger". It is 353 pages long and you can find it on Amazon and The Book Depository.

Part 2 of Jo Brand's memoir concerns the later half of her career. Brand starts to take her comedy career seriously, leaving her stable job as a senior sister in a hospital. We get small glimpses into her family life and the ups and downs that made her who she is today. Having thoroughly enjoyed the original book, Look back in hunger, I couldn't wait to get started on Can't stand up for sitting down. You can see the original review I did on Look Back in hunger as well as the nail art here.

It was disappointing. I laughed out loud a lot during the first book but I don't think I even managed a smirk with this. It was basically a list of all the things Brand likes and dislikes mushed into a book. I wouldn't say it was boring but I found myself reading it just to get it finished. It doesn't hold a candle to the original which was interesting, full of very funny and some very sad tales from her early years. You  get to know a lot more about her political views and what she thinks of other comedians. Brand recalls some of the earlier shows she took part in and what she actually felt whilst doing them. You realize that not all shows are how they appear. One comment about countdown really shocked me but apparently it was big news in the UK at the time. It did make me rethink the show although I wouldn't say I was an avid viewer to begin with. I was interested to learn that she took part in quite a few tv shows and comedy sketches. I had assumed Brand had always remained in the Stand up comedy camp and didn't dabble in other areas. 

Overall I gave Can't Stand up for Sitting down a 2 out of 5.  It was ok but I was expecting more so it didn't live up to my expectations. I hoped she would talk a lot more about her family life (how she met her husband, how she juggles life as a comedian travelling up and down the country with 2 young kids etc) but she merely mentions them in passing and that's it. I did read a few reviews on the book before I got it which mentioned the fact that it was more of a big list and not at all like the first book but as with most things, you have to try it for yourself to really form an opinion of it.

For my nails I started off with 2 coats of Barry m Blueberry ice cream. This is actually a 4 day old manicure but it made the perfect base for this look so I left it on. I added on some polka dots using Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Right Said Fred (red) Barry m Greenberry and an unknown white polish. The silver is the Kiss nail art striper and the blue that makes up the half moon is NYC Hudson Breeze. 

All of the colours I used in this manicure appear on the cover of the book in some shape of form. I really like my nails, it's a shame that I had to take it off so soon after doing it. I think the colours really went well together. It's not often I wear a lot of blue polish. Apparently some people think blue polish is "tacky" although I completely disagree.


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